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Finalists for the position of Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

Dr. John M. Sloop
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Hent de Vries
Russ Family Professor in the Humanities & Philosophy, Director, The Humanities Center, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Pamela R. Matthews
Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University

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The College of Liberal Arts is committed to teaching timeless academic skills that produce well-rounded undergraduates and graduate students who are prepared to lead higher education’s next generation. A liberal arts education emphasizes clear communication, problem-solving abilities, critical and analytical thinking, creativity, an ability to synthesize different perspectives, and an understanding of the global dimensions of modern society.

The college began as the School of Arts and Sciences in 1924 and in 1969 became the College of Liberal Arts. Today, the college graduates more students than any other college

at Texas A&M University, and all undergraduates must take at least 33 hours in the Liberal Arts, no matter what their majors are, as a part of the required core curriculum.

Liberal Arts offers an array of courses in social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and the performing arts. To enable students to make the most of their education, international study is highly encouraged. In fact, about 30% of all Texas A&M students who study abroad are from the College of Liberal Arts. The college offers more than 100 competitive scholarships of $2,000 each for students studying abroad for a semester.